CES 2017: 100 or bust

11.01.2017 Wearable Tech : Fitness Tracker : CES 2017
The Mio Slice, Las Vegas

Las Vegas – The Mio Slice is a wearable fitness tracker that moves beyond the usual metrics of steps taken and calories burned.

  • Launched at CES by heart rate technology company Mio Global, Slice uses a proprietary algorithm known as Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) to track health
  • PAI provides a weekly target score of 100 or more points, which has been scientifically proven to help cardiovascular health

The algorithm tracks all activities and how they affect your heart rate – anything from walking down the street to yoga or running a marathon, and then combines that with personal profile data such as age, gender, resting and maximum heart rate to create understandable PAI points.

The goal of 100 PAI points was developed based on the Hunt Study, which collected data on physical activity and health outcomes from more than 45,000 people over 25 years.

The PAI method is a more personalised approach to fitness tracking that goes beyond metrics such as counting steps. ‘There is no scientific evidence of what taking 10,000 steps does for your overall health,’ Sara Sublousky, a spokesperson from Mio Global, told LS:N Global, referring to the often-cited idea that 10,000 steps is the optimum amount of movement to maintain good health. ‘PAI is an easy to understand number. You are reaching for 100 and when you reach it, you are proven to have the exercise your body needs.’

The Big Picture

The Optimised Self will become an increasingly nuanced pursuit as people move beyond the usual metrics of wellness and search for a more personal approach. For more coverage on CES, see our Briefing, Behaviours and Shows sections.

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