Jalm&B, Copenhagen Jalm&B, Copenhagen
Jalm&B, Copenhagen Jalm&B, Copenhagen
Jalm&B, Copenhagen Jalm&B, Copenhagen
Jalm&B, Copenhagen Jalm&B, Copenhagen

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05 : 07 : 2016 Copenhagen : Convenience : Frozen Food

Copenhagen – Jalm&B brings the taste of a professional bakery to the home with its line of frozen foods.

  • It is a collaboration between Copenhagen bakeries Trianon and Il Fornaio
  • The entire line is made without additives or preservatives

Jalm&B combines Danish baking tradition with the no-compromise approach of Il Fornaio, an Italian stone-oven organic bakery created by Michelin-starred chef Elvio Milleri. ‘We do not accept any additives or chemicals in our products. We work only with sourdough and we are, of course, organic. This is what we mean by ‘no compromise’,’ Tobias Musaeus, head of marketing at FoodPeople, the company behind Jalm&B, tells LS:N Global.

With this approach, the foods are offered frozen not only for convenience but because that is the best state to preserve the high-quality ingredients used. The Danish pastries contain fresh fruit rather than jam, and croissants are made with real butter rather than a margarine alternative.

‘In our cakes you can taste the acidity of the fruit rather than sugar, and in our bread you can taste and smell the nuances of the high-quality flour rather than yeast and salt,’ explains Musaeus. ‘Our approach comes with a price tag, but consumers are increasingly demanding quality rather than quantity.’

The Big Picture

There is a balancing act now in the food and drink world, between convenience and provenance, which Jalm&B successfully navigates with its high-quality frozen food. For more, purchase tickets to our Food & Drink Futures Forum on 14 and 15 September 2016.

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