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Message to the future

23 : 03 : 2016 Messaging : The Immortal Brand : Apps

Belgium – The You have a Jack messaging app enables senders to choose when their messages can be opened.

  • Uses anticipation to turn messaging into a revelatory experience
  • Messages can be set to open seconds, minutes, days and even years into the future
  • Transforms the transient experience of sending and receiving messages into an act of gift-giving

The app’s branding is constructed around the notion of time, with taglines such as ‘time is emotion’, ‘time is love’ and ‘time is fun’, and invites users to ‘make time your ally. Surprise your friends and family by reminding them of the pleasure of anticipation’.

The service slows the process of instant messaging to enable moments of revelation. Users construct a message using text, images, video and audio content, and specify a time when the recipient will be able to access it. The recipient is unable to open the message before the allocated time. Although this may seem like an undesirable feature for a messaging app, especially for impatient Millennials, the service aims to create a sense of excitement around the act of opening a message.

The app speaks to consumers that struggle to remember things due to their busy lifestyles and is particularly useful as a scheduling tool to remind users about important dates and events. Part of the service is geared towards sending messages to mark occasions such as Valentine’s Day. Another suggested use of the app is to create memories by taking a photo of a moment, such as a team celebration or anniversary, and sending it to someone to be opened at a later date.

The Big Picture

Brands are increasingly seeking to facilitate emotional connections between consumers as a result of the growing influence of The E-motional Economy. You have a Jack's long-term timing options demonstrate Immortal Brand thinking and its anticipation-building format evokes the spirit of Revelation Brands.