Soeun bar, Tokyo Soeun bar, Tokyo
Soeun bar, Tokyo Soeun bar, Tokyo
Vodka Tea Infusion Kit by Paper & Tea, Berlin Vodka Tea Infusion Kit by Paper & Tea, Berlin

Preview: Tipsy Tea

19 : 10 : 2015 Tea : Alcohol : Alco-health

Brands are combining alcohol and tea to add an extra layer of complex flavour and a healthy twist to the drinking experience.

  • New alcoholic tea offerings are adapting the traditional drink
  • ‘Alcohol is not only an ideal base for infusing unique flavours it also captures the tea essence in a condensed way’ – Sean Dunn, junior creative director, Paper & Tea 

In this week’s microtrend, we examine the practitioners who are mixing alcohol and tea to capture the complexity of flavour and negate the less desirable effects of alcohol.

Souen, a bar in Tokyo, takes the customer on an alcoholic tea journey, serving a selection of beverages to tantalise the taste buds. The bar follows the slow ancient practices of a tea house, serving several different tea cocktails but adding alcohol to the mix to update the tradition.

The Big Picture

For more on the increasing desire to explore the science of food in order to change how we feel, see our Tipsy Tea microtrend.

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