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Blockfeed App by Top Qork Ltd, New York Blockfeed App by Top Qork Ltd, New York

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07 : 08 : 2015 Blockfeed : Local News : Aggregator

New York – Blockfeed is an app that delivers geographically specific news stories straight to users’ phones.

  • Blockfeed serves a custom news stream that constantly updates based on the user’s location
  • Aggregates and distributes stories from local news sites and bloggers as well as national publications
  • Enables users to tap into the pulse of any street, block or borough while on the go

The app, available in New York on iOS and Android, uses a smartphone’s GPS system to deliver geographically specific content to the user, aggregated from hundreds of sources, including local blogs and news sites.

Users can focus in on the topics that matter to a particular street, block or borough at any given time, from the perspective of the local, national or international press.

Blockfeed is one of a growing number of companies using technology to help consumers break the ‘filter bubble’ – the personalisation of search results based on browsing history. 

Blockfeed uses location and distance to select news and also measures social activity when prioritising which stories to deliver and when.

‘If an article is getting shared a lot on social media it’s relevancy goes up,’ explains Philip Perkins, co-founder and CEO of Blockfeed. ‘But one thing that we do is normalise that kind of velocity against the publication itself. We enable even small blogs to theoretically compete against major publications.’

In theory, the platform could help to level the playing field for local bloggers competing for attention alongside established media outlets by making their content more visible.

The Big Picture: Consumers are looking for digital experiences that change depending on where they are. To find our more, book your place at Beyond Borders, our Autumn/Winter 2015 Trend Briefing.