Nothing is Ours by NP3 Nothing is Ours by NP3
Nothing is Ours by NP3 Nothing is Ours by NP3
Nothing is Ours by NP3 Nothing is Ours by NP3

Breaking the rules: Artist experiments with games conventions

19 : 11 : 2014 Game Imitates Art : Game Art : New York

New York – Conventional games generally prescribe rules, set goals and offer rewards, but contemporary game artists are questioning this approach to the medium.

Nothing of This is Ours is an experimental and exploratory game created by Alex Myers, and featured in the recent Game Art in the Knowable Space exhibition at CultureHub in New York. As a place that explored the intersection of art and technology, the setting was particularly appropriate for Myers’ latest creation.

The game lets players experience a vast digital landscape in a purely self-directed and goalless exploration. The landscape feels broken and bereft of structure and meaning, creating an immersive experience reminiscent of glitch art. The game plays with how people typically expect games to work. The usual game mechanics do not apply. There is no discernible beginning or end, and while a multi-player option is supported, players cannot play with one another.

The game is strongly reminiscent of our Game Imitates Art microtrend, in which we identified how the games medium is maturing and gradually entering the realms of interactive art. 

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