Endless Possibilias: Short film that lets viewers decide the outcome

10.10.2014 Daniels : Possibilia : Film
Possibilia Trailer by Prettybird

New York – Possibilia, which premiered at New York’s 2014 Tribeca Film Festival, offers viewers the opportunity to affect the break-up of couple Polly and Rick, played by Zoe Jarman from The Mindy Project and Girls star Alex Karpovsky.

The film, produced by Prettybird in collaboration with Interlude, features 30 alternative scenarios to pick from and as with the ‘choose your own adventure’ style on which the project is based, viewers can move seamlessly between scenarios as many times as they like by clicking small vignettes around the screen.

‘It’s between a movie where you can lie back and watch, and a game where you just want to have the action,’ Interlude CEO Yoni Bloch told Polygon magazine. ‘There’s a place in between where you want to intervene, but you want to be inside an immersive film experience.’

In one scenario Rick and Polly have their break-up on the sofa. In another, less amicable alternative, they smash vases and break furniture. Either way it is left to the viewers to decide in a rare viewer-director role reversal.

Possibilia was funded by Xbox Live Entertainment and will be coming soon to Microsoft devices. For more on immersive entertainment experiences, read our Futuretainment macrotrend.

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