Den of iniquity: New bar stimulates the senses

18 : 07 : 2014 The Bump Caves : Bar : Cocktails

London – The Bump Caves, Charlie McVeigh's (of Draft House fame) new bar, focuses not just on the cocktails, but on the bumps – flavoured additives that give the drinks an extra boost.

The Bump Caves The Bump Caves
The Bump Caves The Bump Caves
The Bump Caves The Bump Caves
The Bump Caves The Bump Caves

Taking inspiration from the 1960s psychedelic movement, Tom Wolfe's drug-addled novel, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, and hallucinogenic drugs, The Bump Caves is a multi-sensory jaunt into what a cocktail can be. 

Max Chater, self-proclaimed 'bump chemist, distiller and rectifier' distills his own spirits using a rotary evaporator, a device used in chemical laboratories. The bumps – a slang term for a snort of a drug – refer to these 'rectified spirits' that explore new flavour combinations that consumers may not have come across. Consumers can add the bumps to cocktails or beer, or take them as a shot.

In Re-enlightenment Rising, we tracked how our global fascination with science has filtered down into disparate sectors. The Bump Caves' experimental, chemical approach to cocktail-making shows how science is making having fun more fun. 

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