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Retail Analysis: Harvey Nichols opens stand-alone Beauty Bazaar

16 : 01 : 2013 Liverpool : Harvey Nichols : Beauty Bazaar

After stepping inside the impressive two-storey glass frontage, visitors are drawn to the elongated white sculpture that connects the three floors. The ground floor is dedicated to premium brands including Tom Ford, a first for Liverpool. 

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Tired of an overwhelming choice online, consumers are looking for extra special reasons to visit stores. Beauty Bazaar gives its customers that extra special retail and pampering experience and injects some much-needed luxury vitality into the beauty retail landscape. The retailer is looking for up to 10 more locations for the concept – we at LS:N Global are looking forward to a new luxury era for pampering-led retail.

Harvey Nicols Beauty Bazaar Harvey Nicols Beauty Bazaar
Harvey Nicols Beauty Bazaar Harvey Nicols Beauty Bazaar
Harvey Nicols Beauty Bazaar Harvey Nicols Beauty Bazaar
Harvey Nicols Beauty Bazaar Harvey Nicols Beauty Bazaar

Leading beauty brands all have their own shop fits, connected by a unified black upper perimeter surround that unites the floor and gives the brands room to move. Nestled away at the back is the white and gold decorated scent library, a charming corner area with floor-to-ceiling shelves. These display a mix of premium and limited-edition fragrances alongside the upper level of imitation white books, so perfumes can be dotted around, depending on their seasonality. The area has the feel of a long-lost apothecary.

On the next level up is the Wow bar. A curtain of diamanté ropes circle the bar and there is a metallic glittery ceiling. Customers can order champagne or molecular martinis while they browse the selection of brands or indulge in a manicure at the diamanté-studded, centrally located circular nail bar.

To the left are the pedi-cabanas – curtained cubicles for pedicures – where customers can flick through the entire Beauty Bazaar online range on iPads. Completing the pampering services menu is the open-plan Mark Woolley Electric hairdressing salon. This floor is all about seeing and being seen, and the overhead lighting has been designed as an inset swirl that runs from the bar to the salon and ensures that the eye is drawn through the space.
The top floor is home to the premium offer of non-surgical treatments. From the Strip Wax Bar to a James Read tanning studio and a Karidis medi-spa, the focus is on bespoke pampering. The private rooms and suites are decorated depending on the service provider. We like the delicious looking chocolate and hazelnut room with upholstered effect walls for Strip’s waxing services.

‘Beauty Bazaar will transform the beauty retail landscape,’ Rinaldi tells LS:N Global, adding that she hopes it will bring back a luxury pampering element to the shopping experience.

Harvey Nicols Beauty Bazaar Harvey Nicols Beauty Bazaar
Harvey Nicols Beauty Bazaar Harvey Nicols Beauty Bazaar

Beauty Bazaar opened in November at a cost of more than £4m ($6.4m, €4.8m). Measuring 22,000 square feet and spread over three floors, the store sends out a bullish message to the market. ‘Liverpool girls spend four times the national average on beauty and are second only to London in terms of spend,’ says Harvey Nichols beauty director Daniela Rinaldi. ‘They have been flying the flag for beauty for years.’

The new store is a brave move, considering its size, and indicates how resilient the beauty sector has been in a tough UK retail climate. It features an edited range of niche and premium beauty, skincare and fragrance products as well as luxury cabana-style pedicure spas, private rooms for professional treatments and a cocktail bar.

Beauty Bazaar’s brand identity and store interior was created by UK design agency Four IV and has a central theme of the multi-faceted surface of crystals. ‘The concept is all about treating yourself, so sparkling crystals came to mind,’ Four IV creative director Chris Dewar-Dixon tells LS:N Global. ‘The angular diamond shapes on the floors and walls represent shards of crystal light and remind customers they are in a pampering mood throughout the store.’