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Bodymetrics is a good fit with online shoppers

25 : 01 : 2012 Bodymetrics : Scanning : Body Shape

The Bodymetrics system is based on new software called PrimeSense 3D, which uses Microsoft Kinect technology to scan the shape of the user’s body after they select an item of clothing. The body scanner uses eight PrimeSense 3D scanners.

‘When you walk into a clothing store or browse an online fashion site, they have no idea of your body size, shape or style,’ says Bodymetrics CEO Suran Goonatilake. ‘Bodymetrics body-maps you within a few seconds and obtains hundreds of accurate measurements and analytics of your shape.’

This is a step forward in making e-commerce a more seamless experience for consumers. For more on how to make your in-store experience more compelling, read our Tomorrow Store macrotrend.