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US coffee brand claims immune system benefits

22 : 01 : 2013 Tipton Mills : Coffee : Probiotic

Buffalo, New York – Food brand Tipton Mills has launched a range of instant coffee with added probiotic benefits.

The drink, created in partnership with consumer healthcare company Ganeden Biotech, contains GanedenBC30, a probiotic strain that can withstand hot and cold temperatures – conditions that normally destroy probiotic bacteria.

By being able to survive different temperatures, the so-called friendly bacteria, which scientists claim can help fight against the cold and flu as well as ease digestive problems, can safely travel through the digestive system to the parts of the human body where it is most needed.

‘The American consumer is more health-conscious today then ever. The addition of probiotics into beverages that everyone consumes, such as coffee and tea, is a natural fit,’ Mike Bush, vice-president of business development at Ganeden Biotech, tells LS:N Global. ‘By supplementing some of the food we eat with vitamins, minerals and probiotics, we are helping to provide more choice for the consumer with added health benefits.’

Health concerns are driving more consumers towards drinks that have additional benefits. By enriching their coffee with probiotics, Tipton Mills will be able to provide consumers with the usual coffee-induced caffeine buzz while promoting a healthy digestive and immune system.

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