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IHG adopts an Even approach to staying healthy

05 : 03 : 2012 Intercontinental Hotels Group : Spa : Wellness

Atlanta – In response to the growing number of people keen to remain in control of their health while travelling, hotel chain Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) has unveiled Even Hotels, a new brand focused on health and wellness.

The new hotels will provide a holistic approach to wellness through food, rest, work and exercise, and by prompting guests to make healthier lifestyle choices during their stay.

Guest suites will be designed for in-room workouts, and will include features such as a coat rack that doubles as a pull-up bar. The hotel will run a concierge service advising guests on how much and what form of exercise to take. The restaurant menus will feature healthy meals, and the rooms will feature natural lighting and hypoallergenic linens.

This hotel is a departure from health farms that cause visitors to binge on health-giving activities. Even would appeal to the Self-Quants tribe, who are eager to improve their health through well-informed and researched lifestyle choices.