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Film reflects potential of glass technology

20 : 02 : 2012 Touch-screen : Digital Futures : Tv

By Peter Firth and Ellie Osborne

New York – Glass and ceramics maker Corning has produced a video called A Day Made of Glass, showing how touchscreen glass may be used in the future.

The video shows a family during an average day. The father works, the children attend school, and augmented reality and touchscreen technology are integrated into every facet of their lives. Each family member in the video uses a tablet to interact with his or her environment. Windows are electrochromic and change from transparent to opaque on demand. Cupboard doors are interactive and curate clothes for the family members.

In Corning’s vision glass roofs made with ‘low-cost, high-efficiency photovoltaic cells’ will harness solar energy more effectively, according to the narrator in the documentary accompanying the film.

This is a well-positioned film that highlights the potential of technologies and exhibits in development. For more on the future of touchscreen interfaces, read our Technology Futures report.