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Cereal Branding & Packaging is on Target for 80's revival

13 : 02 : 2012 General Mills : Cereal : Atari

By Peter Firth and Ellie Osborne

Minneapolis – Global food company General Mills has teamed up with retro video games company Atari to recreate cereal packaging from the 80s.

The limited-edition boxes, available from US supermarket chain Target, feature graphics from Atari’s famous video games on the back of the boxes. The packaging taps into people’s desire to revisit the past.

‘With the comeback of classic films, late night tv shows and neon colors on the runway, this year’s decision to highlight the 80s was simple, it’s on trend,’ says Tara Johnson, integrated marketing communications manager at General Mills. ‘It doesn’t get more iconic than retro Atari games.’

In the Turbulent Teens, people are yearning for nostalgic imagery that evokes memories of a more stable past. For more on how to reach these consumers, read our Revivalism toolkit.

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