Chris Hatherill : Exploring science from a creative standpoint

21 : 01 : 2013 Science : Chris Hatherill : Super/Collider

Science is pervading our wider consciousness. It is increasingly evident in retail, at our galleries and on stage. Scientists are also drawing on the arts world to help us better understand everything from dark matter to quantum mechanics. But science can be intimidating. It needn’t be, according to Chris Hatherill, founder of the Super/Collider collective, which explores weighty subjects such as astronomy, biology and chemistry, from a creative standpoint.

‘It is about making science fun and interesting, not skipping over things that might sound a bit basic,’ he says. ‘There’s so much still to learn.’

Top five take-outs

1. Interest in science is growing. A new generation of people are working across the sciences, engaging new audiences,’ says Hatherill.

2. Science can be a form of escapism for consumers. ‘Asteroids in the distant solar system or things that had happened millions of years ago are more timeless.’

3. Artists and scientists seek solutions to problems in very different ways. That is what makes their partnership so interesting. For more on how to make unlikely collaborations work, read our Symbiotic Branding macrotrend.

4. Companies and brands need to engage more with science. ‘Hopefully, it will happen more when they realise how much potential there is in science, be it biotechnology, private space exploration or robotics.’

5. Consumers want to be hands-on. Connect with them by using interactive experiments and lab concepts. For more, read our Lab Talk microtrend.

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