John Kearon : Mind-expanding market research

07 : 01 : 2013 Market Research : BrainJuicer : John Kearon

Market research can be a dry subject for some companies, which use it as a means of eliminating corporate risk from the innovation process. John Kearon, chief juicer at market research company Brainjuicer, believes its fundamental purpose should be ‘to inspire and lead to successful new things rather than be a slightly illusory insurance policy’.

Top five take-outs

1. Turn human understanding to business advantage. ‘How consumers feel is a better predictor of what they will do than any classic market research question,’ says Kearon.

2. Remember to think universally when it comes to consumer behaviour. To connect with the world’s New Emerging Affluents (NEAs), read our NEA Toolkit.

3. Capitalise on the confidence of the NEAs. ‘In China, India and Brazil that playfulness comes from confidence, and will just fuel their growth and become self-fulfilling,’ says Kearon.

4. Do not use quantitative research to justify a decision you have already made or do not want to make.

5. Use seduction not persuasion. ‘Emotion is what gets us to open our wallets, hearts and ourselves to life.’ For more details, read our Faction Marketing macrotrend.