Valentine Uhovski : Fashion evangelism

26 : 11 : 2012 Valentine Uhovski : Transmedia Futures : Tumblr

It is a job title that is eccentric even by the creative and technology industries’ standards. Last spring, Valentine Uhovski became visual blogging site Tumblr’s fashion evangelist. The creation of the role is timely, as Tumblr is having a marked impact on the fashion world. ‘Vogue’s Tumblr page now has more unique visitors than its website,’ says Uhovski. ‘Anything that happens on Tumblr instantly influences the fashion world.’

1. Adjust your content to 48-minute news cycles. Tumblr illustrates how much online media has disrupted the way we receive information.

2. Take inspiration from Tumblr. The site is an archive of images from the world’s most compelling creatives.

3. Use digital design cues. As explored in our Digital Surrealism macro Inspire, a new wave of creatives are borrowing internet iconography and placing it in new scenarios.

4. Facilitate curate-ivity. People increasingly regard online curation as akin to creation. For more on this, read the Curate-ivity section in our Transmedia Futures macrotrend.

5. Employ fashion evangelists. The invention of this role shows how quickly digital mediums are altering time-tested industries.