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05 : 03 : 2012 MyndPlay : Tre Azam : Mind Control

It is irritating when your favourite character from a film or tv programme is killed off, or when another that you find nauseating ends up getting the girl. Now, a new start-up lets viewers have a say in how a plot unfolds as they watch.

Tre Azam, through his company MyndPlay, has created an interactive media player that picks up electrical pulses emitted from viewers’ brains, and can change what the viewer sees based on the intensity of their brainwaves.

‘With EEG brainwave technology, we can pick up on how concentrated, relaxed, happy, angry or sad you are,’ says Azam. ‘We can then use this data to create stories that have a range of possible endings or narratives and introduce them in media content as you watch.’

Channel of you
As explored in LS:N Global’s 3DIY Culture macrotrend, technology is increasingly providing ways to put creative control into the hands of consumers. In this landscape it makes sense to make media that people can control too.

‘As consumers have more control over the products they buy and personalise, they are starting to demand the same options in media,’ says Azam.

Brain train
The MyndPlay media player has applications beyond personalising media for entertainment. People who use MyndPlay can use the sensors to train their brains to respond to stimuli in specific ways. The technology is being used in games in Reading prison to train inmates to respond positively to challenging situations.

‘The technology has the potential to help you overcome fears or frustrations by training your responses,’ says Azam. ‘You respond to visual stimuli in a certain way, get feedback, try again and can plot your responses over time.’

Top five take-outs

1. Give your customers the opportunity to train themselves. The Self-Quant mentality is spreading into the mainstream.

2. Facilitate personalisation. As explored in our Future Media Landscapes macrotrend, people are demanding media content that fits them.

3. Make your product intuitive. In the future, this technology will be used to manipulate the interior of the home depending on what you are feeling. ‘Sensors that can work out what you are feeling will provide a seamless way of interacting with media and the home environment,’ says Azam.

4. Give your customers the space to be creative. As explored in our Tomorrow Store, consumers are your new collaborators and brand ambassadors.

5. Adapt existing technology to fit the current zeitgeist. Azam has adapted EEG technology to give people personalised media content, and enable them to quantify themselves.

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