French Pavilion live-streams music from Venice Biennale 2017

12.05.2017 Culture : Design : Technology
Echoes of the Studio at the French Pavilion, Venice Art Biennale

Venice – Musical performances from the national pavilion will be live-streamed as an interactive visual landscape.

In the pavilion space, multidisciplinary artist Xavier Veilhan has created Studio Venezia, a recording space that will play host to 70 musicians throughout the biennale. The exhibit is designed to open up the usually private recording studio space for public enjoyment.

Veilhan has collaborated with streaming service Deezer to create an interactive online platform to run in parallel with the physical exhibition and open up the experience to all. Audiences at home can interact with this abstract landscape, which comprises numerous silver rods and changes as the cursor is moved. Each instrument is linked to a microphone, enabling the users to experience each of the sounds individually as they navigate this digital scene.

‘We have created a way of replicating the experience of visiting the pavilion from afar without usurping the creative itself,’ says Veilhan.

The Big Picture

  • Artists such as Ustwo are showing how sound can be adapted commercially to enrich the consumer experience
  • Look out for more coverage of the Venice Biennale 2017 in the coming week