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18.12.2015 Nike ACG : Netstalgia : Novembre
Nike ACG and Novembre magazine, Global

Global – Nike ACG has collaborated with lifestyle magazine Novembre on an interactive lookbook.

  • All Conditions Gear is a sub-division of Nike designed to bring performance athletics to the great outdoors
  • Novembre’s campaign invites visitors to examine a moody landscape packed with animations and 3D renders

Visitors to the site can browse the latest collection to the sounds of French artist Myth Syzer’s ambient score rather than shopping the brand’s e-commerce platform directly. The brand’s Adapt. Protect. Move manifesto inspired Novembre to create a narrative that follows a romantic soul as he navigates a series of scenes depicting the power of the elements.

‘We wanted the character to be immersed in a world of wonder,’ Jeanne-Salomé Rochat, creative director at Novembre, tells LS:N Global. ‘The idea was to draw a landscape that would display the functionality of the products.’

Photographer Nicolas Coulomb and creative director Florence Tétier shot the fashion visuals in line with the publication’s Netstalgia aesthetic, while graphic designer Louisa Gagliardi worked on the illustrations.

‘We wanted to build an autonomous world, pretty much like a video game, tailor-made for users to explore and understand the ACG line concepts,’ Rochat explains.

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