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Presence by Ticketmaster, US Presence by Ticketmaster, US

Ticketmaster pioneers ultrasonic smartphone tickets

14 : 07 : 2017 Technology : Entertainment : Digital

US – The initiative enables concert-goers to verify their mobile ticket using their smartphone’s ultrasonic sound transmission.

Instead of manually scanning a barcode or quick-response (QR) code on a paper ticket, Ticketmaster customers can check into a selection of venues across the US using a unique sound code that is inaudible to humans.

The Presence e-ticketing system was developed to reduce wait times and prevent the use of fake tickets. By accessing attendees’ smartphone data and geographic location, Presence also enables Ticketmaster to send personalised messages to guests as they move around a festival or venue.

‘Presence uses a variety of proximity-based digital technology such as near-field communication (NFC), radio-frequency identification (RFID) and sound through our partnership with [technology company] LISNR to enhance the fan experience, and provide a new tool for venues to decrease fraud and understand who is attending events,’ says Justin Burleigh, executive vice-president of product at Ticketmaster North America.

In the future, Ticketmaster will use Presence to enable guests to order food and drink from vendors that between 30 and 100 feet in proximity, eliminating the need to queue at bars or food stalls.

Presence is currently operational in 32 venues across the US, and the brand is planning to roll out the e-ticketing system globally over the next four years.

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