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Facing up to pollution

16 : 02 : 2017 Dermalogica : Pollution : Beauty Futures

Global – Dermalogica has launched a new face wash that is designed to fight the effects of pollution.

  • The product has been developed to achieve a deeper level of exfoliation than its precursor, Daily Microfoliant
  • Daily Superfoliant has a higher pH value to open a user’s pores and allow pollutants to be removed
  • The product comes in powder form and is priced at £46.57 ($58, €54.73) per bottle

High levels of pollution in cities around the world cause health problems as well as premature signs of ageing. Dermalogica is attempting to tackle this problem by introducing a new product specifically tailored to removing pollutants from consumers’ skin. Mathew Divaris, vice-president of global marketing at Dermalogica, explains that the idea that washing your face with conventional face wash and water is enough to rid the skin of pollutants is misguided.

‘In fact, pollution lodges within your skin and, more nefariously, materials adhere to particulates and those lodge into the skin, and lead to the signs we associate with accelerated ageing,’ says Divaris.

The product has been developed as a daily moisturiser to be used before bed in order to rid the skin of the day’s pollutants. Daily Superfoliant is combined with water and applied to the face to exfoliate the skin, open pores and allow activated Binchotan charcoal powder to absorb any toxins present.

Pollution levels are rising in cities such as London, Beijing and New Delhi, and consumers are looking for products that safeguard them and their families from toxic particulate matter. Dermalogica hopes to highlight the effects that toxins can have on fine lines, brown spots and uneven skin tone. The brand is therefore introducing a skin pollution index tool, which indicates the pollution intensity in a consumer’s location.

The Big Picture

Brands such as Dermalogica are demonstrating that the problems associated with rising levels of pollution are not limited to one particular sector, but have a widespread effect. For more, see our Smog Life Opinion article.