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05 : 01 : 2017 CES 2017 : Huawei : Honor Magic

China – The Honor Magic device boasts a variety of high-tech features including eye- and fingerprint-scanning software.

  • The Android-powered smartphone uses a smart authentication system called WiseScreen
  • It features a dual-camera system on the back of the device, artificial intelligence (AI) software and a curved AMOLED screen
  • Honor is a sub-brand of networking and telecommunications equipment and services company Huawei
The Honor Magic, China The Honor Magic, China

The Honor Magic, which will be unveiled at CES 2017, includes an AI assistant that is capable of recognising its owner. An infrared camera developed by eye-tracking software company Tobii and supported by the brand’s EyeCore algorithms recognises users’ eyes, enabling them to turn on and unlock the device without entering a code or pressing buttons.

The phone body features a sensor that turns the phone on when it is picked up and when it is put down. The sensor is part of the WiseScreen authentication system, which comprises the device’s eye-tracking and touch-sensitive capabilities. The FaceCode Intelligent Recognition feature automatically blocks unverified users from accessing the phone and viewing the notifications on the screen, granting an additional layer of privacy.

The device marks the first time that Tobii’s eye-tracking sensors have been included in a smartphone design. ‘The consumer electronics industry is placing emphasis on eye tracking as a new, exciting interaction modality,’ says Oscar Werner, president of Tobii Tech.

The Honor Magic’s AI system also offers a variety of intelligent safety features, including prompting users to turn off their phone when driving.

The Big Picture

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