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Mobility freedom

04 : 01 : 2017 Helsinki : Whim : Transport

Helsinki – Mobility app Whim lets users travel to a destination of choice via any mode of transport for a monthly fee.

  • Users have the option to travel by public transport, taxi, hire car or bike
  • The app synchronises to users’ calendars to plan routes in advance, and suggests routes tailored to their mood
  • Helsinki is working towards making its city centre completely car-free by 2025

The app, now in beta testing with users in Helsinki, is designed to be cheaper and more convenient than owning a car. By purchasing a monthly package that covers all daily journeys, users can travel via public transport, taxi, hire car or bike.

Participants to the scheme are allocated Whim points, which enables them to buy taxi trips, and pay for public transport, car rental days or hire bikes. The light package, which costs £75 ($92, €89) a month, includes unlimited Helsinki public transport trips and 1,000 Whim points. The most expensive premium package, which costs £268 ($329, €317), includes unlimited public transport trips and 8,000 Whim points. Whim can synchronise with a user’s calendar so routes can be planned in advance, and journeys planned based on environmental impact, convenience and mood.

‘The way we see it is that consumers are in need of a better choice,’ Kaj Pyyhtiä, co-founder of MaaS (Mobility as a Service) Global, the company developing the new app, told ‘As a whole, there hasn’t been anybody really giving the true solution to freedom of mobility.’

The app is expected to be launched to the public in Helsinki early this year. A UK launch has also been recently announced, as well as a potential expansion to North America. Helsinki aims to be a carbon-neutral city by 2050 and by 2025 it hopes to make the city centre completely car-free.

The Big Picture

Ownership is outdated. Transient consumers prefer the temporary transport and living arrangements offered by The New Value Economy. For more, see our Ride Share market report.