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Nike PLAYlab invites children to re-imagine sports, Carrefour’s eco-venient buy-back service and Latin America gets an ear for podcasts.

Nike PLAYlab brings kids’ imaginary sports to life

Nike Playlab in collaboration with Nandi Bushell created by Wieden+Kennedy, London

London – With traditional competitive sports unappealing for some children, Nike is responding with an experiential installation that encourages a more creative approach to physical activity. Housed at its Oxford Circus flagship store, the PLAYlab pop-up features a submissions station where children can share ideas for alternative sports and games. A selection will be featured on Nike PLAYlab’s YouTube series, while some ideas will be made into real events.

Through this initiative, Nike recognises the importance of engaging young people in more creative and diverse activities, inviting them to think outside the box when it comes to sport.With eyes full of enthusiasm, kids see the world as an endless playground of possibilities ready to be explored,’ said a Nike statement. To empower them in sharing their vision, we set up the Nike PLAYlaba safe space where we give kids the resources to make their ideas come true.

Through this phygital concept, Nike shows how Play-tail strategies can entice young audiences both in-store and online as part of their customer journey or to make community connections.

Strategic opportunity

Take cues from this concept and employ playful strategies that appeal to children in store and in digital spaces. Why not partner with a games developer to create an online journey that complements your bricks-and-mortar retail space?

Ensō targets life-long hair wellness

Ensō by Vegamour , UK Ensō by Vegamour , UK
Ensō by Vegamour , UK Ensō by Vegamour , UK

US – The haircare category continues to emulate the products and solutions found in skincare, with Vegamour expanding beyond its primary offering of hair loss products with new line Ensō, devoted to life-long hair wellness and preventative care.

Ensō focuses on the growth cycle of hair and its nutrient needs, with its Overnight Restoring Hair Mask designed to prevent and delay hair ageing by addressing the cause of poor hair health, such as heat, environmental and UV damage. 'Hair is like the canary in the coal mine; it’s a great indicator that something’s not right in your body or something’s changing,' Daniel Hodgdon, CEO of Vegamour, tells Glossy. '[We’re trying to] redefine what haircare should be… we don’t wait until we start seeing crow’s feet before we start moisturising our face. That’s what we’re advocating with Ensō.'

The announcement follows growing conversation about women's hair loss and thinning reported during the Covid-19 pandemic, and the wider products and practices that are emerging. With Ensō, Vegamour is responding to the evolution of the Haircare Market that takes an inside-out, preventative approach.

Strategic opportunity

As examined in Synchronised Care, beauty and wellness brands should use a science-based approach to design products with long-term benefits and health in mind

Carrefour’s buy-back scheme promotes circular shopping

France – In a bid to encourage circular shopping habits, the supermarket chain is launching a scheme that buys goods from its customers to sell online or in-store under the banner of Carrefour Occasion.

Created in collaboration with buy-back service Cash Converters, Carrefour will use its Occasion service to purchase a range of items from the public, such as household appliances, IT equipment and jewellery, before reselling with a 12-month guarantee.

Carrefour stores can even bid for items, allowing consumers to send their product to the store offering them the best price. Through the service, Carrefour is applying eco-venient strategies to incentivise consumers to choose more sustainable behaviours instead of throwing out or hoarding unwanted items.

Further, by offering a competitive price for second-hand goods, the supermarket group presents a more attractive solution than many existing resale sites. As Bruno Bée, CEO of Cash Converters Europe, explains, the service aims ‘to give the best price for the most important items on the second-hand market’.

Carrefour, France

Strategic opportunity

People are more likely to employ sustainable behaviours if such services are convenient. Retailers, including those in the fashion and beauty sectors, should take note of this initiative to inspire attractive pre-owned schemes

Stat: Brazil leads Latin America’s surge in podcast listening

Olive Pro earbuds by Olive Union Olive Pro earbuds by Olive Union

Brazil – A recent eMarketer report suggests that podcast listenership in Brazil could have risen by 19.8% in 2021 to become the third highest audience globally and leading a surge in Latin America.

In both absolute and relative terms, the US has the highest global podcast listenership, with 40% of internet users listening monthly. High penetration rates are also evident in many European countries such as Sweden and Spain. But growth prospects for podcasts are highest in Latin America. Mirroring Brazil’s rapid growth, listenership in Argentina and Mexico was expected to rise by 17.9% and 13.6%, respectively, in 2021. Overall growth in these three countries alone surpasses that in North America and Europe.

This picture presents a major engagement opportunity for brands looking to connect with young Latin American consumers. Specifically, these findings offer an added dimension to our profile of Emerging Youth: Brazil, which highlights a generation defined by hyper-connectivity, home-grown talent and multi-faceted creativity.

Strategic opportunity

Brands should consider podcasts as a promising way to reach Latin American consumers through advertising or brand-generated content highlighting local talent, issues or innovators

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