So far, so what, Sephora? Opinion

So far, so what, Sephora?:

PR and brand-building expert Jo Jones on why the long-awaited and highly anticipated relaunch of Sephora in...

CES 2023: AI Futures Big Ideas

CES 2023: AI Futures:

From multiple you’s to emotional AI and sensor-ised worlds, we speak to experts from design agencies...

Leisurewear’s circular future Big Ideas

Leisurewear’s circular future:

Jun Kamei, founder and CEO of UK-based Amphico, on how material innovation will accelerate the leisure...

Conscious Homes Market Markets

Conscious Homes Market:

Over the next decade, what our homes mean to us will evolve as domestic spaces adapt to new requirements,...

Futures 100 Innovators : January Big Ideas

Futures 100 Innovators : January:

This month, we uncover the next 10 innovators to watch as part of our Futures 100 Awards, which highlight...

Generative AI Creativity Market Markets

Generative AI Creativity Market:

An emerging wave of consumer-facing generative AI platforms are redefining the very nature of creative work.

How to curb clothing consumption? Opinion

How to curb clothing consumption?:

Journalist, lecturer and sustainability adviser Olivia Pinnock explores the need for de-growth in the...

Coffee: the new wellness ingredient? Opinion

Coffee: the new wellness ingredient?:

FutureBrand’s strategy director, Ashleigh Steinhobel, explores evolving health-focused directions in...

Fertility Market: The New Cycle Markets

Fertility Market: The New Cycle:

Calling time on body clock stigma, a candid new conversation is taking place about fertility. Raised...

Battersea Power Station redefines retail placemaking Big Ideas

Battersea Power Station redefines retail placemaking:

London’s iconic Battersea Power Station is giving UK shopping malls new agency with its mix of cultural and...

The Clean Beauty Evolution Opinion

The Clean Beauty Evolution:

David Hjalmarsson, co-founder of biome-friendly assurance mark Kind To Biome, predicts how the clean beauty...

Family in 2050 Big Ideas

Family in 2050:

By 2050, artificial wombs could be the preferred method of reproduction. Speculative artist Lisa Mandemaker...

Towards ecology-first economics Big Ideas

Towards ecology-first economics:

Dutch professor Kees Klomp on society’s economic delusion and how we can reconfigure the system to create a...

Cannabis Market Update Markets

Cannabis Market Update:

Despite a lack of regulatory controls, the much-hyped cannabis-derived food and beverage market continues to...

Future Forecast 2023: Media & Technology Big Ideas

Future Forecast 2023: Media & Technology:

From the Betterverse to the dawn of the AI revolution, we select five key directions for 2023 in the media...

Future Forecast 2023: Youth Big Ideas

Future Forecast 2023: Youth:

From youth culture’s flat age future to wise-beyond-their-years Zalphas, we select five key directions in...

Future Forecast 2023: Retail Big Ideas

Future Forecast 2023: Retail:

From the growth of Web3 retail to expanding phygital opportunities, hyperphysical spaces and exclusive...

Future Forecast 2023: Fashion Big Ideas

Future Forecast 2023: Fashion:

From dystopian aesthetics and lab-based textile alternatives to the growth of resale platforms and monetised...

Future Forecast 2023: Luxury Big Ideas

Future Forecast 2023: Luxury:

Luxury is once more becoming exclusive, guilded and hyper-curated. It is also about assets that can be...

Future Forecast 2023: Travel & Hospitality Big Ideas

Future Forecast 2023: Travel & Hospitality:

The future of the travel and hospitality sector is a challenging one, but those brands and services that...

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