From groceries to placemaking, retailers are reinventing their post COVID conversation with shoppers as retail itself becomes more immersive, expressive, dramatic and hyper-personalised.

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The Horror Show! A subversive take on British culture, an NFT vending machine lands in London, and a study reveals the inefficacy of home compostable plastics.

The Horror Show!: A subversive take on British culture

The Horror Show! at Somerset House. Photography by Stephen Chung, UK
The Horror Show! at Somerset House. Photography by Stephen Chung, UK
The Horror Show! at Somerset House. Photography by Stephen Chung, UK

UK – Somerset House is presenting The Horror Show!: A Twisted Tale of Modern Britain, a monumental exhibition exploring the past five decades in the UK through the lens of creative rebellion. The exhibition displays work by some of the country’s most subversive artists, whose work reflects the turbulent history that has moulded British culture. Visitors are taken on a journey of the supernatural, shown through tales of transgression and punk ideas.

The exhibition presents three overarching themes: Monster delves into the economic and political instability of the 1970s and 1980s, while exploring the monsters of the modern day. Ghost represents the transition into the new millennium and the uncertainty that came with the dawn of the internet. The final act, Witch, looks at the present day and the emergence of hyper-connected communities and a quest for bodily autonomy. As a genre, horror forces viewers to confront the fears that are manifest in the real world.

An air of rebellion is evident in all areas of culture. From fashion to food, consumers and brands are embracing the ugly as unease and uncertainty dominate global headlines.

Strategic opportunity

Take note of this dark shift in consumer culture and reflect on how you can cater for this. Will you lean into the darkness or offer a brighter counterpoint to it?

Juvee’s energy drinks promote playfulness over performance

Juvee, US Juvee, US
Juvee, US Juvee, US

US – Newly launched Juvee is shaking up the energy drinks sector. Created by Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag – former e-sports champion and founder of 100 Thieves – the brand elicits playfulness in everyday life, thanks to the elevated mindsets and steady energy levels supported by the drink. Short for 'rejuvenation', Juvee’s functional formulation is designed to boost energy, sharpen focus and promote overall wellbeing.

Branding agency Zero created visuals and digital experiences to mirror the inclusive and youthful spirit of the brand. Each element was designed to convey Juvee’s lively personality, from the use of vibrant colours and patterns to bubbly animations that reflect the effervescence of the drink.

'Juvee champions the playful spirit that lives inside everyone. We’re not out here hating on hustle culture, but we also know that how you feel is just as important as what you do,’ explains Carli Nicholas, Juvee’s director of marketing.

In a market dominated by performance-focused drinks, Juvee’s refreshing approach will resonate with the sober-curious, matcha-over-coffee Gen Z tribes, who want alternative energy drinks matching their preferences.

Strategic opportunity

Be inspired by Juvee’s take on energy drinks – could your business appeal to underserved groups in your niche by appearing more inclusive and accessible?

London’s first NFT vending machine

London – As part of NFT.London, a two-day conference that recently took place in venues across the city, marketplace myNFT has launched an NFT vending machine that allows shoppers to purchase digital collectibles without the use of cryptocurrencies.

The vending machine, located in the London borough of Westminster, allowed anyone who is passing by to purchase a non-fungible token (NFT) for £10 ($11.44, €11.46). The company claims the NFTs have the potential to be worth £1,000 ($1,144, €1,146), thereby creating an opportunity to make a profit by flipping the asset on the secondary market. All the proceeds from the machine will be donated to the charity Giveth, which helps increase access to education in developing nations.

By not requiring shoppers to purchase the NFTs using cryptocurrencies, the activation was designed to introduce the crypto-curious into the world of Web3. Previously, we have seen similar experiments in the world of Crypto-and-Mortar retail.


Strategic opportunity

How can companies create activations that help introduce consumers to the world of Web3? Consider accepting FIAT currencies when selling digital assets like NFTS

Stat: Study reveals the inefficacy of home compostable plastics

Bioplastic Skin by Valdís Steinarsdóttir, Iceland
Bioplastic Skin by Valdís Steinarsdóttir, Iceland

UK – According to research published by Frontiers in Sustainability, most of the plastic packaging labelled as ‘home compostable’ in the UK does not fulfil its promise, with as much as 60% failing to disintegrate after six months.

The study examined the capacity and motivation to compost plastics of nearly 10,000 British citizens. Data suggests that about 10% of Britons can effectively compost at home, but the remaining 90% should dispose of compostable plastics in landfill.

Furthermore, good environmental intentions aside, the research showed that a large proportion of the plastic waste people put in their home compost bins is misplaced. Some 14% of plastic packaging items in home compost bins are industrially compostable, but 46% have no compostable certification at all.

These figures show that people are confused by recycling labels and don’t understand the nuances between terms like ‘compostable’ and ‘biodegradable’. Nevertheless, 85% of Britons remain enthusiastic about buying compostable plastics, stressing the need to accelerate innovation in that area and in the re-usable packaging market.

Strategic opportunity

Businesses can help consumers to reduce and manage their plastic waste in many ways, from informative and easy-to-read labelling to prevent recycling errors, to sustained efforts to use fewer and greener packaging for their products

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