Village storeys: Tower block reaches a new level

27 : 02 : 2013 Urban : Public Housing : Social Housing

Middlesbrough – London-based architecture practice FAT Architecture has re-imagined the tower block, building different types of houses on top of one another in Middlesbrough to create an all-in-one village that appeals to a variety of consumers.

The development, Community in a Cube, is nine storeys high and consists of three tiers. On the lowest level, a timber chalet is next to a line of shops. Above that is a six-storey block and above that are two New England-style houses.

The buildings are all designed to look as they would if they were standing alone. The chalet looks like it should be on the Swiss slopes, with its timber panelling and whitewashed windows. The block, with its patterned apertures, U-shape design and 82 units could be in the heart of London, while the houses are like those in quiet, residential areas. 

Unique structures are increasingly appearing in social housing developments. For more, read our Mixed Use Seed.

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