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25.04.2017 Heineken : Civic Brands : The Dislocated World
Worlds Apart by Heineken and Publicis London, UK

UK – A new ad by Heineken challenges stereotypes by bringing together individuals with opposing viewpoints.

  • The ad is part of the brand’s Open Your World campaign, which aims to foster interaction between different communities
  • The brand is holding Mix It Up sessions to encourage its staff to spend more time with colleagues they have not met

In a polarised, Dislocated World, Heineken’s ad aims to communicate the benefit of bringing people with diverse viewpoints together.

The film, which is billed as a ‘social experiment’, features a climate-change denier paired with an environmental activist, a transgender woman paired with a man who believes strongly in traditional gender roles, and a feminist paired with an anti-feminist.

The duos take part in a series of ice-breaker activities, which are followed by a discussion in which they are encouraged to learn more about each other.

Heineken has also launched a Facebook Chatbot that aims to help people to break out of their social silos by introducing them to like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds.

The Big Picture

In the run-up to the June 2017 UK general election, brands like Heineken and QallOut are demonstrating how businesses can help to facilitate social change. To find out more, read our Civic Brands macrotrend.

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