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11.01.2017 Samsung : Fitness : Advertising
Working Out is Crazy campaign by Samsung, US

US – Samsung has introduced a new advertising campaign that reminds viewers that exercising is a weird pastime.

  • The campaign was launched to promote Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and GearFit2
  • Launched on 30 December, the campaign’s three videos differ from what is typically on offer in the sports advertising industry

Split into three videos, the campaign focuses on the idea that working out and exerting ourselves physically in a public space is an abnormal thing to do. The video content features examples that include gym-goers talking to themselves in a repetitive fashion, climbing stairs and not getting anywhere, and paying to let an adult berate them in front of another adult.

The adverts were launched on 30 December ready for the new year. Using a tongue-in-cheek approach, Samsung sympathises with and encourages new gym-goers to enter the fitness spirit in a series of adverts that differ from those normally found in the sports advertising field.

‘If you think about it, working out appears crazy,’ reads the advert’s video description on YouTube. ‘But Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Gear Fit2 can help you make sense of it all by organising your workouts and helping you track your progress.’

The Big Picture

The age of authenticity is over. By sympathising with customers, brands are pushing beyond the cliché to deliver more open and effective campaigns. For more, see our Anti-authenticity Marketing macrotrend.

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