Beauty Futures Network Evening 2016: Maxine Leonard

13.06.2016 Beauty Futures Forum : Network Evening : Beauty

London – Beauty brands and glossy magazines need to move away from uninspiring beauty ideals and embrace a more multi-dimensional approach, according to Maxine Leonard, co-founder of Beauty Papers.

  • Beauty Papers is a publication designed to challenge uninspiring beauty standards promoted by glossy magazines
  • It offers a platform for experimentation and creative freedom not always found in other publications

Beauty Papers was born out of a frustration with the uninspiring and limited ideals promoted by the make-up and beauty industries. The magazine provides a multi-dimensional approach to beauty, one that inspires confidence and is designed to provoke questions on standardised beauty norms.

As a new magazine with a small budget, every submission is based on the artists’ desire to further their own creative agenda, with the focus on freedom of expression.

‘We take punk, not in aesthetic, but in essence,’ Leonard told audiences at our Beauty Futures Network Evening. ‘Screw the formula. There is no one to please but ourselves.’

The Big Picture

For more on the convergence of beauty and wellness, book tickets for our forthcoming Beauty Futures Forum 2016, and keep an eye on our Shop page for the accompanying report.

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