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10 : 11 : 2015 Boutique Altruism : Charity : One Good Deed

London – Crack + Cider is a pop-up shop and online store that sells goods for the homeless.

  • Offers a way to help people without handing out money on the street
  • The pop-up shop will be at One Good Deed Today until the end of November 2015
Crack + Cider, London Crack + Cider, London
Crack + Cider, London Crack + Cider, London
Crack + Cider, London Crack + Cider, London
Crack + Cider, London Crack + Cider, London

In London, people tend to walk past the homeless with their eyes fixed firmly forward, preferring to give nothing rather than money that might go towards alcohol or drugs. After interviewing several people living on the capital’s streets, Charlotte Cramer and Scarlett Montanaro discovered that many people withheld money because, according to one interviewee: ‘They think I’ll just spend it on crack and cider.’

Thus Crack + Cider was born. Cramer and Montanaro sourced the most useful items for rough sleepers, including umbrellas, hats, scarves, gloves, fleece jumpers, backpacks and military-grade waterproof jackets. Through its online store, members of the public can buy these products as gifts, which Crack + Cider then distributes to those in need. 

Cramer and Montanaro believe that people feel more connected to the cause when buying actual products in a charity shop experience unlike any other. ‘We believe the simplicity of the branding, the frank and insightful name, and, importantly, not using imagery of homeless people will prompt personal contemplation without guilt-tripping anyone into helping,’ Cramer tells LS:N Global.

The Big Picture

Charity is getting a makeover. Crack + Cider is but one of a host of altruistic endeavours making giving look good. For more, see our Boutique Altruism microtrend.

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