CES 2015: New device demonstrates current Thync-ing on brain health

08.01.2015 CES : Thync : Algorithms
US correspondent Shepherd Laughlin in conversation with Isy Goldwasser, CEO and co-founder of Thync

Las Vegas – Thync, maker of what it calls the first lifestyle wearable device that uses neurosignalling algorithms to change and optimise people’s states of mind, is at 2015 International CES demonstrating its product to select audiences before an official launch.

The device applies electrical impulses to the wearer’s head, with the aim of stimulating the brain to induce states of energy, calm or focus. ‘These are purely lifestyle applications – we don’t treat any disease, and we don’t cure anything,’ explains CEO and co-founder Isy Goldwasser. ‘This is for everyday people, but it’s a new frontier.’

The product goes through cycles of stimulation patterns that are controlled on an app. Users can begin with a low stimulation setting until they have adjusted to unfamiliar sensations at the point of contact, and then increase the current to the maximum level. LS:N Global tried a programme designed to promote relaxation, and indeed felt a state of calm afterwards.

‘This is the beginning of not just our company and our product, but of this journey. How are we going to use technology to tap into our own biology?’ continues Goldwasser. ‘This is the most important frontier of this century: how technology will merge with our biology over time.’

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