Shrub and Shutter, Brixton Shrub and Shutter, Brixton
Shrub and Shutter, Brixton Shrub and Shutter, Brixton
Shrub and Shutter, Brixton Shrub and Shutter, Brixton

To your taste: Cocktail bar offers something different

10 : 10 : 2014 The Shrub & Shutter : Cocktail Bar : London

London – The newly opened bar The Shrub & Shutter is applying culinary principles to cocktails.

‘Seasoning is key in cooking so why shouldn’t it be in some cocktails?’ Dave Tregenza, co-founder of The Shrub & Shutter asks LS:N Global.

This isn’t the only way that Tregenza and fellow co-founder Chris Edwards merge the worlds of chef and mixologist. Alongside scouring for seasonal ingredients, The Shrub & Shutter uses food recipes for cocktail inspiration. The Jugged Peas cocktail, for example, is based on Petit Pois a la Française and includes Snow Queen Vodka, ham stock, tomato consommé, chicken bouillon and lemon juice.

The trend of offering unusual sensory experiences is becoming increasingly essential to attract consumers. Of The Shrub & Shutter’s unusual and innovative creations, Tregenza says: ‘The idea is to create an experience in someone’s mouth with different techniques and flavours. We try to offer something more than just a simple drink.’

For more on creating innovative flavours with food and drink, see our Inform with Dr Rachel Edwards-Stuart of the science behind mixing the two. 

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