Invisible movement: Advert visualises soundwaves

27.08.2014 Master & Dynamic : Audio : Sound
Master & Dynamic Brand Film

Los Angeles & New York- Luxury audio brand Master & Dynamic has collaborated with creative agency eyeball and advertising company NSG/SWAT to release a synaesthetic advert.

The black and white video features extreme close-ups and slowed-down shots of different materials, such as iron fillings, magnetic powder and paint, reacting to sounds being played through a modified amplifier.

Each frame in the 90-second vignette is a visual representation of sonic elements such as rhythm, distortion, harmony, dissonance, timbre and volume.

'Coming up with a visual for something invisible was an interesting challenge,' says eyeball creative director Jesse McGowan. 'We felt it was important not to confuse sound with any specific genre of music, instead focusing on the key elements of music within sound.'

This abstract method of visualising sound is a clever way for a luxury headphone manufacturer to showcase the quality of its products. Read more about how smart brands are combining the senses to engage with consumers in our Synaesthetic Selling macrotrend.

For more on how designers and artists are using new technologies to harness the power of sound, read our Soundscapes macrotrend.

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