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02 : 11 : 2010 Vegetables : Albion : Aubin & Wills

Urban 20- and 30somethings who grew up in a globalised world, the New Rurbanites are embracing localism, not as a rejection of the world, but as a means of changing their surroundings for the better, rural-style.


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The trends that determine your future success are complex, but by no means unpredictable.

LS:N Global's network of correspondents gives our members a window into the innovations and trends that are shaping consumer lifestyles.

Our innovation specific Seed section is open to all, but to become a member of the network and access our Macro Trends, Toolkits and much more, set up a trial and see for yourself how the market is changing.

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‘Global insight that inspires thinking, drives ideas and kick-starts innovation.’

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Created by The Future Laboratory, LS:N Global is a trends and insight network that plugs you into what is new, next and innovative in consumer needs and lifestyle behaviour.

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