Trend Briefing 2017: The Age of Re-engagement

06.03.2017 Trend Briefing 2017 : The Age Of Re-Engagement : Civic Brands
The Age of Re-engagement SS17 Trend Briefing film

London – Welcome to the Age of Re-engagement, in which we explore the role of brands in civic re-engagement, the need to refocus on a world overloaded with sensory stimuli and on reconnecting with the family.

  • The Age of Re-engagement Trend Briefing will be held at Milton Court on 16 March, and tickets are available here
  • We are previewing the trends with a short film – a collaboration between The Future Laboratory and The National Youth Theatre

The creative team at The Future Laboratory has unveiled its choreographed video for its Spring/Summer 2017 Trend Briefing, which introduces the three major influences that will shape consumer habits over the next 5–10 years.

The three-part presentation introduces our Civic Brands macrotrend, which explores the role that brands will play in culturally re-engaging with disenfranchised consumers; The Focus Filter, which looks at counteracting our diminishing attention spans; and Neo-kinship, in which we examine the role that technology will play in re-establishing familial relationships.

The Big Picture

For more information about the event, contact [email protected]