LS:N Global Tour

LS:N Global Online is your first point of contact with the LS:N Global network, a team of researchers, analysts, forecasters, visualisers and global correspondents who we’ve been cultivating for over a decade.

In tandem with our 30-strong team in London, they plug you into the kinds of insights that help you to:

: Future-proof your brand

: Perfect your new product development pipelines

: Enter the homes, hearts, minds and pockets of the 21st-century consumer

It is a simple and strategic offer that a growing number of lifestyle brands are signing up to annually. Developed by The Future Laboratory, LS:N Global immerses you in the world of the Innovator, Early Adopter and Early Mainstream consumer.

Simply put, we live with the people, products and trends that are making the future happen, so that you can harness them in ways that will make your business more robust and consumer-friendly.

LS:N Global Live

LS:N Global XX v XY A/W 13 London Trend Briefing LS:N Global XX v XY A/W 13 London Trend Briefing

Immersive, audacious and inspirational, our global Trend Briefings, Futures Forums and Network Evenings range from awe-inspiring presentations, to intimate, carefully managed events and workshops.

With an eye on the bigger picture, we put all the data on the network into focus, using relevant case studies, quantitative statistics and expert quotations and opinions from our Futures 100 panel of experts, academics and sector analysts.

Members can attend any or all of the following events, depending on their membership package:

: Network Evenings – intimate and explorative discussions around a theme, trend or consumer tribe

: Trend Briefings – our bi-annual events that immerse you in the key trends, behaviour and tribes that will drive consumer thinking for the next 1–3 years

: Futures Forums – quarterly half-day forums with accompanying 150–200-page reports that explore the game-changing shifts taking place in the luxury, retail, technology, beauty, food, drink, hospitality and travel sectors

: In-House Briefings – meticulously researched, visually compelling and comprehensively delivered, our presentations are careful distillations of the ideas, insights and roster of experts that drive our network thinking

Membership packages

LS:N Global research board LS:N Global research board

Our membership packages have been created with our many clients in mind – from small planning teams and agencies to global heads of insight, strategy or innovation at multi-national level.

Regardless of your organisation’s size, all of our members receive the following, to ensure that the network works for you:

: Online portal

: Weekly bulletins

: Members’ Network Evenings

: Biannual Trend Briefings

: Personal account managers

But most of our members want a package that is a little more tailored to their needs. So why not look at the following, and decide which you would like to bundle together to better suit your short-, medium- and long-term needs?

: Our In-House Briefings

: Our Luxury, Retail, Food and Drinks, Technology, and Consumer Futures reports and Forums

: Bespoke presentations

: Sector reports

: Webinars

: Innovation keynotes

: Pitch research

: Sector research

: One-to-one contact with our editorial team

: Insight clinics with The Future Laboratory’s co-founders

Just let one of our team know, by emailing [email protected] or calling us on +44 (0) 20 7870 1991 to find out more.