Lather up: Men's soap line is cream of the crop

20 : 05 : 2013 Heritage : Earthly Colours : Robust Typography

New York – New York-based retailer Hudson Made has launched Beard and Shave, a collection of soaps that can be used by bearded and clean-shaven men alike.

Beard and Shave by Hudson Made Beard and Shave by Hudson Made

The small-batch 3.5oz soap discs, available in Cedar Clove, Citron Neroli and Original White varieties for $25 (€19.40, £16.50) each, can be used both as a beard shampoo and as a shaving cream.

The products’ handsome packaging, created by Brooklyn-based Hovard Design, features earthy colours and robust typography that hints at the printing traditions of the past.

With its emphasis on sustainability, artisanal production and local sourcing, the soap will appeal to Rurbanites looking for affordable luxury with a heritage feel. 

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