A new age dawns: The sun rises on Strange Days

14 : 03 : 2013 LS:N Global : The Future Laboratory : Generation I

London – LS:N Global presented its biggest and most exciting Trend Briefing to date – Strange Days – to a packed house of delegates from all sectors of the lifestyle industries.

Representatives from some of the biggest names in retail, media, food, hospitality, and technology were in attendance, including Louis Vuitton, Diageo, Google, Nike, Selfridges and Disney.

Strange Days began with our biannual look at what is new and next in consumer thinking, the Consumer Attitudes Audit (CAA). Compiled by The Future Laboratory’s research division, Future Poll, the CAA offered guests an insight into the rise of Prohibition Culture, the brands that consumers trust most and how they think science can change the world.

LS:N Global then revealed the three trends that are driving us into these Strange Days – The Dawn of the Mega-systems, Generation I and Re-enlightenment Rising.

Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Google are no longer simply trading platforms, they are the mega-systems of tomorrow. Mega-mall tactics, Phy-gital and predictive retail will become the norm in a world shaped by these four brands. Read our The Dawn of the Mega-systems macrotrend for more.

We know how to reach the Baby Boomers, the Millennials and Generation D, but what about younger generations? With access to touchscreen devices and a social media presence from the moment they are born, Generation I children will expect bigger things from brands as they grow. Find out more in our Generation I macrotrend.

It’s hip to be square. Brands, artists and consumers alike are becoming increasingly fascinated by space, maths, philosophy and physics. As a result, we are seeing the rise of the Rock Star Scientist, Lab-ology and Astronaut Brands. To learn more, read our Re-enlightenment Rising macrotrend.

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