Novelty seeking: The Guardian breaks routine

15 : 01 : 2014 The Guardian : Newspaper : Do Something

London – The Guardian newspaper has launched a new monthly supplement, Do Something, replete with a manifesto that encourages readers ‘to stop doing the same thing, and do something different’.

The supplement is filled with advice and activities that encourage people to break their routines, such as starting a supper club or knitting a winter scarf. The idea is that people are allowing life to pass them by and although we all know that there is an abundance of things to be done, sometimes we don’t know where to start.

‘Few of us are in any position to abandon a life of regularity for a life of spontaneity. But there’s a solution to the tension between routine and novelty: the trick is to make novelty routine,’ writes Oliver Burkeman in the manifesto.

As Josh Gordon, founder of how to: Academy can attest, people are searching for enriching experiences, whether it be learning a new skill or venturing outside their comfort zone. For more, watch our Inform with Gordon.

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