Digit-tactile-tastic: Seamless music from The Skube

24.09.2012 Design : Andrew Nip : The Skube

Copenhagen – Interactive designer Andrew Nip has created a portable radio prototype, The Skube, which plays music from Spotify and Last.fm.

The Skube comes with two modes, ‘discovery’ and ‘playlist’. Users upload playlists from their Last.fm account to The Skube and can skip between songs by tapping the top of the speaker box. To switch to the discovery mode, the box is flipped upside down. The Skube then connects wirelessly to Spotify and chooses songs similar to the ones that are already stored on the device.

Music can be shared between Skubes by placing them next to one another. The increase in numbers makes the volume louder. The Skube is turned off when the side with the speaker is placed down.

This is a great example of a tactile music player, which is more intuitive than webpages and digital music programmes. For more, read our Digi-Tactile Music microtrend.

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