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A futuristic device for cosmetics application, Public Works gives viewers a glimpse into creative work culture, and why British staycations are set to soar.

Atmosphère is a wearable collar that diffuses cosmetics

Atmosphère by Seymourpowell
Atmosphère by Seymourpowell
Atmosphère by Seymourpowell

UK – Created by design agency Seymourpowell, the Atmosphère concept comprises a collar and chaise longue for the home, which together aim to counteract the impact of urban living on our skin.

The artificially intelligent devices analyse the atmospheric conditions surrounding the user, diffusing SPF or cosmetics as fine particles that land on the user’s skin or filter into the air in vapour form, creating a ‘beauty bubble’ around them.

Mitigating the hazards of smog-filled city living, the collar will collect information such as the wearer’s location or skin needs, filtering or cooling the air or releasing skincare products in response. At home, the chaise longue similarly adjusts the temperature, humidity and quality of the air, allowing users to recline and enjoy relaxing, spa-like surroundings. A supporting app will provide immediate data readings, such as UV levels or microplastics in the air.

‘Atmosphère seeks to explore how beauty brands can help not only to protect their customers from the changing climate, but also to provide a more mobile offering and service that actively works to respond to a user’s environment,’ says Jonny Culkin, designer at Seymourpowell.

For more on how brands and technology will help to assuage the impact of our hyper-polluted cities, explore our Smog Life series.

The future of work culture could be live-streamed

Public Works, New York Public Works, New York
Public Works, New York Public Works, New York

New York – Public Works is a new project that transforms workplaces into live entertainment.

Created by design studio School, the project aims to uncover the secrets of working at the world’s most interesting creative companies. To do this, it broadcasts a live-streamed day-in-the-life perspective from a new studio each month, giving viewers a glimpse into the studio’s processes and working environments.

Public Works is kicking off with a live-stream of New York-based architecture firm Food, which is responsible for developments such as Off-White’s stores and Kanye West’s stage mountain. Viewers who tune in will see the studio work through pin-up sessions and model-making, gaining the ability to ‘glean some second-hand knowledge that’s usually only available to employees and interns’.

By giving anyone an unfiltered look into a real office, School is encouraging a more transparent workplace. For more on how brands should rethink their internal processes in 2020, read our Brand Culture 2020 report.

Givaudan innovates with vegan silk for haircare

France – Created using fermented plant starch, Silkgel is a biomimetic silk for use in future-facing, sustainable haircare.

Created by Givaudan Active Beauty, the company’s innovation arm that merges science and nature, Silkgel is being positioned as a more effective alternative to the use of silicone in hair products. With vegan credentials, the product promises to defend hair from pollution and heat, while nourishing and protecting colour.

Tapping into the growth in vegan beauty – a sector that grew by 175% from 2013 to 2018, according to Mintel – Givaudan also describes the product’s sensorial benefit of leaving ‘a silky touch as soon as it’s applied’.

‘The use of vegan silk yields outstanding benefits,’ explains Kristin Schacht, product development manager for biopolymers at Givaudan. ‘The biodegradable polymers build a [protective] layer around the hair fibre, while vegan silk is proven to repair damaged hair fibres by regenerating their structure.’

By merging science, biomimicry and fermentation in this way, Givaudan is demonstrating our latest beauty macrotrend Bio-positive Beauty in action.


Stat: British staycations will take off post-Brexit

The UK tourism industry is set to boom post-Brexit, according to new research by YouGov and The Epicurean Club. The study found that 62% of consumers took one or more staycations in 2019, compared to 50% who holidayed outside of the UK. After Brexit, this number is expected to rise – just 19% claim that Brexit would not affect their travel plans.

The study found that students in particular are worried about travel within the EU, with 69% voicing their concerns about European travel post-Brexit. ‘Without the expense of air fares, Britons are looking to spend their hard-earned cash in other areas when booking a staycation — location, quality of accommodation and good-quality food topped the checklist of the most important factors considered by discerning travellers,’ reads the press release.

Amid these Brexit concerns, the travel and hospitality sector is reporting a resurgence of the high-end staycation.

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