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Preview: Psychoactive Scents

13 : 02 : 2017 Psychoactive Scents : Valeur Absolue : Charlotte Tilbury

Global – Brands are developing new fragrances that draw on neuroscience to invoke a physical reaction in the wearer.

  • Brands are developing perfumes that combat high levels of stress
  • Scents can be enriched to offer wellness benefits in addition to the aroma

Swiss perfumer Valeur Absolue has developed a range of high-end fragrances that incorporate aromachology, the study of how smell affects human behaviour, to create a product that not only smells good but also acts as a scientifically established mood-enhancer.

President and founder Bénédicte Foucart explains that the neurocosmetics range uses Areaumat Perpetua, an odourless ingredient derived from the immortelle flower, to convey a signal to the nervous system, helping to alleviate stress.

The Big Picture

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