Lynk & Co plug in hybrid technology Lynk & Co plug in hybrid technology
Mini Vision Next 100 Mini Vision Next 100
Machina: A Curation of Real Photography by a Machine published by EyeEm, Berlin Machina: A Curation of Real Photography by a Machine published by EyeEm, Berlin
Machina: A Curation of Real Photography by a Machine published by EyeEm, Berlin Machina: A Curation of Real Photography by a Machine published by EyeEm, Berlin
Your Brain_manufacturing by Merel Bekking Your Brain_manufacturing by Merel Bekking

Future Forecast 2017: Design and Interiors

29 : 12 : 2016 Future Forecast : 2017 Trends : Design And Interiors

As the year comes to an end, LS:N Global examines the nascent trends and behaviour patterns that will be shaping the design and interiors sector over the next 12 months.

Post-ownership aesthetics

As an increasing number of peer-to-peer products enter the marketplace, designers will continue to grapple with the monumental challenge of designing goods that appeal to one owner but multiple unrelated users. This will be most visible in the automotive market, with brands such as Lynk & Co and Mini leading the way.


In 2016 there were some truly groundbreaking examples of intelligent architecture, such as Carlo Ratti’s Agnelli Foundation offices, which created a bubble of heat and light around each occupant. This new breed of connected building, where services are designed from the ground up to create environmental and informational microclimates, will become more prevalent in 2017.

Obsolescence becomes obsolete

While 2016 was another false dawn for anti-obsolescence strategies such as modular design, 2017 may prove to be a watershed moment for multilifecycle products as governments take inspiration from Sweden’s decision to reduce tax on repairs and develop greater fiscal incentives for consumers to make do and mend.

Subconscious bespoke

In a world in which we are increasingly concerned with tracking how everything makes us feel, our subconscious brain activity will begin to inform more and more design decisions. Current instances range from the configuration of products, in the case of Merel Bekking’s work, to the interiors of retail spaces, such as FIELD’s interactive biometric installation for Nike.

Automated aesthetics

Machine learning is driving a shift in the fundamental understanding of creativity. In 2017 we expect to see more chief creative officer roles assigned to AI, and machines appointed to design and art direct content ranging from magazines to advertisements. Publications such as EyeEm are already operating within this field, with its first issue Machina, curated entirely by a machine.

The Big Picture

Look out for our Future Forecast 2017, which will reveal our top 60 trends to look out for in the next year across the food and drink, design, interiors, technology, retail, luxury, beauty and wellness, and travel and hospitality sectors.

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