Silvon, New York Silvon, New York
Silvon, New York Silvon, New York
Silvon, New York Silvon, New York
Silvon, New York Silvon, New York

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01 : 06 : 2016 Bacteria : Silvon : Silver

New York – Bedding start-up Silvon infuses its pillowcases and blankets with silver to stop the spread of bacteria.

  • Silvon’s fabric contains natural silver, which has antimicrobial properties
  • The company has raised more than six times its original funding goal on Kickstarter

According to the brand, the average pillowcase harbours the same kind of bacteria that can be found on a toilet seat. Dermatologists routinely advise that pillowcases and sheets should be washed once every 2–3 days, but time-poor consumers can often go weeks without washing their sheets.

Silver is proven to destroy bacteria and stop it from spreading, which is useful for anyone who suffers from eczema or other skin conditions. But unlike specialist bedding manufacturers that target consumers with specific conditions, Silvon is marketing its silver-lined sheets to the masses.

‘We all have a bedtime ritual. For most of us, it’s an effort for clearer, healthier skin,’ the company says on its Kickstarter page. ‘A dirty pillowcase can sabotage your skincare routine.’ The brand’s silver-lined products do not have to be washed as often as conventional pillows and sheets, meaning that consumers can reduce their impact on the environment.

The Big Picture

People are starting to take a more holistic approach to skincare, from the cosmetics they use to how they sleep. Book your place at our forthcoming Beauty Futures Forum 2016 to learn more about the innovations and consumer mindsets that are driving the sector.

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