Zocdoc by Wolff Olins, US Zocdoc by Wolff Olins, US
Zocdoc by Wolff Olins, US Zocdoc by Wolff Olins, US
Zocdoc by Wolff Olins, US Zocdoc by Wolff Olins, US

Logo facelift

23 : 02 : 2016 Zocdoc : Rebranding : Wolff Olins

New York – Zee, the new logo for digital healthcare scheduling service Zocdoc, is making the brand feel more human.

  • Agency Wolff Olins wanted to reflect Zocdoc’s ethos of being a friendly and simple-to-use service
  • The logo, a dynamic letter Z, can change shape to represent patients’ continually changing faces

Zocdoc’s old logo was of two cartoon doctors, but the service-provider wanted a logo that moved away from traditional tropes of healthcare, which included changing the typical colour palate of blues and greens to a more vibrant yellow. Every aspect of the redesign was intended to reflect Zocdoc’s ethos of being simple, caring and smart, and to work for Zocdoc’s redesigned mobile-first site.

The logo, made up of a Z and two dots for eyes, is much more emoji-like and is capable of changing, with the dots becoming winking eyes, and the bottom of the Z curving upwards into a smile, for instance. 

‘With Zocdoc, we wanted to re-imagine healthcare as an empowering and delightful experience, putting control and knowledge into people’s hands, and transforming their relationship to their health,’ says Melanie McShane, strategy director and coach at Wolff Olins. ‘Removing fear and complexity in any sector is helpful. In healthcare it is essential.’

The Big Picture

The healthcare sector is moving away from stereotypical medical cross logos and other symbols of medicine. For more on how it is becoming more consumer-friendly, see our Consumer Health market report.

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