Vollebak clothing, London Vollebak clothing, London
Vollebak clothing, London Vollebak
Vollebak clothing, London Vollebak clothing, London
Vollebak clothing, London Vollebak clothing, London

Ready for anything

17 : 11 : 2015 Vollebak : Sportswear : Parasympathetic Nervous System

London – Sportswear brand Vollebak’s clothing prepares and trains the body to deal with high pressure and potentially life-threatening situations.

  • Vollebak, named from the Flemish for ‘all out’, is built for athletes working at the peak of their powers
  • Under intense physiological and psychological pressure small margins can be the difference between life and death

The Baker Miller Pink Hoodie, named after a specific shade of pink proved to have a calming effect, is designed help the wearer relax before and after sport. The zip-up hoodie covers the entire face, flooding the wearer’s vision with pink, and even comes with its own soundtrack of pink noise designed to lower the heart rate. Asymmetric pockets have been thoughtfully positioned to minimise movement and limit oxygen consumption.

The Condition Black Jacket, named after a military term for life and death situations, is designed to enhance the wearer’s chances of survival should anything go awry. Made from elastic material coated in Ceraspace, highly resistant to abrasion, the jacket is capable of surviving falls of 120kmph down rock, according to Vollebak.

The Big Picture

Designed to engage the parasympathetic nervous system to relax the wearer and the sympathetic nervous system to keep him or her alive, Vollebak is a striking example of Optimisation that helps people to get the most from their bodies.

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