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23.09.2015 Dressman : Forsman & Bodenfors : Man Underwear
The Underwear for Perfect Men campaign by Forsman & Bodenfors for Dressman, Norway

Norway – The male form has been given the Dove treatment thanks to Norwegian menswear brand Dressmann

  • Cosmetics brand Dove has made positive body image the focus of its Real Beauty campaign
  • Dressmann took this approach and applied it to the male physique to fight against distorted body ideals

The Underwear for Perfect Men ad by Swedish creative agency Forsman & Bodenfors depicts men of all shapes and sizes celebrating the things that make them unique. Beer bellies, freckles, cellulite and tattoos are laid bare, in sharp contrast to the washboard abs and chiselled jawlines of the male model archetype.

The ad is a retort to the industry standards set by underwear brands such as Calvin Klein, which it believes are damaging the confidence of men around the world.

‘More people have started to argue against this attitude, but half of our population is often forgotten in this debate,’ says Jens Bonesmo, brand director at Dressmann. ‘The distortion of body ideals is a problem for everyone.’

The Big Picture: Consumers are becoming sceptical of brands that paint an unattainable picture of beauty. Discover the sweet spot between reality and aspiration with our Real Talk microtrend. 

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