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26.08.2015 Lexus Elevate : Christian Vande Velde : Cycling
Elevate: A 360° Cycling Film by Team One and Unit9 for Lexus

Global – Lexus is inviting the world to experience the road through the eyes of professional cyclist Christian Vande Velde.

  • Lexus Elevate is an immersive 360-degree film experienced using the Samsung Gear virtual reality headset and Samsung Galaxy S6 handset
  • The film follows Vande Velde on one of his training rides through the mountainous terrain of Malibu, California

The campaign reflects on Vande Velde’s determination and sacrifice during his prolific career in which he has chalked up more than 360,000 miles in the saddle – considerably more than the average car on the road.

Advertising agency Team One and production studio UNIT9 captured the cinematic footage by filming Vande Velde over three days using a custom-built 360-degree camera rig attached to the bike and rider’s helmet.

‘Virtual reality as a medium is really about releasing the viewer from the limits of a traditional film,’ says Anrick Bregman, director at UNIT9. ‘This edited VR production provides a narrative of Christian’s career story while taking viewers along for the ride.’

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